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Our teachers and students engage in an inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning that fosters a love and passion for lifelong learning.
This passion for lifelong learning is summed up by the words of John Dewey, which are inscribed on our building:
"Education is not a mere means to life. Education is life.”


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Welcome to Rowen Online

We welcome you - our students, parents, friends and neighbors to our online community.  Our school has been servicing the West Oak Lane community of Philadelphia since 1937. The beautiful neoclassical architecture of our elementary school, with its dome roof and tall marble columns, stands as a monument to education, supporting the proposition that all children can learn at high levels and should be educated to their fullest potential.

Through our partnership with the Harambee Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit, non-sectarian charity, we are working to change the lives of children in Tanzania. In addition, our students are pen pals with Tanzanian elementary school children. Our students learn about African culture and Tanzanian children learn about our culture. Furthermore, we fund raise to support the educational needs of children in Tanzania. 

It is through the Tanzania Project that our students exhibit a commitment to our six pillars of character and positive social change. To view a fact sheet about education in Tanzania, click here

A Video from Tanzania


In this video, Joshua Johnston of the Harambee Foundation introduces some of his children who live with him at a group home in Tanzania to Dr. Murray and his students at William Rowen Elementary School.

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